PBP Productions Inc

PBP Productions Inc has been  gearing you with interesting entertainment since 2007, in poetry, young adult fiction novels,  and nonfiction and inspirational tales, quotes, etc. PBP Productions Inc. being a gift from God, is targeted toward positive influence and informative details for its readers.  PBP Productions Inc is well known for it's persistence and professionalism, perfecting in intriguing you! A young lady (Tamara Jackson) has single handedly created a world of literary entertainment for you, all is welcome, and I do hope you enjoy as I will enjoy creating for you!


Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, and moved to Madison Wisconsin and then to Phoenix Arizona, and now I'm home again in Chicago, and I'm enjoying and representing, and I bring to you intriguing entertainment by way of literary arts including but not limited to young adult/teen fiction, urban literature, poetry, song lyrics and more.......


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